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Found 10 results

  1. Version 19102019


    With more & more people using my fonts, I have decided to show & of course share what I have done, to make my font better. So the end result is Highlights... a 3 layered font that allow more than 1 texture in the font, to make it stand out more. So remember when using this Font there are 3 separate layers, which will appear as separate objects, … so add your desired texture to each layer. Even though I created font with 3 layers, you could for example use just 2 layers, as shown in the Red White & Green ABC where I used just the front & middle layers... So here y
  2. Version 16012021


    You know me, always designing new ABC fonts. Maybe that is because I love to experiment in 3D, so much so, that the Prime Directive image below, I actually design a few years ago... and wanted to reproduce something similar for 3DX Chat... So here you go, this is for everyone who loves to use my ABC fonts
  3. Version 09122019


    Here you go, another font for you all to enjoy... Although I called the Font Outlines... I thought I would share a window design for my new NUDΞ CLUB venue...yes, I used the insides of the letters to form windows... filling out the outsides of the letters to form walls... So like my previous Highlights Font, this font can be used in more than just one way... for example doors or windows
  4. Version 11012020


    So have you ever wanted to a fancy flashing sign in 3DX Chat that flicker multiple messages in the same spot.. or simply flashing the same word in different colours of your choice.... Well now you can. For the perfect setup, here are a few simple steps to follow. In settings, set the Snap Step to 0.1 Enable the Snap Tools Spell your first word/message, and Group Spell your second word/message, and Group Apply different flash effects to each Group Select your second word/message and drop down 1 step and align so that its between the first word/me
  5. Version 08052020


    So I had this last night for a funky looking font... So allow me introduce you to my ABC Curves font. It's scalable, just not stretchable (need to work on that). File size, this is probably one of smallest around, plus when I tried the basic distance test, you could still read (yes that is me standing underneath)
  6. Version 06112020


    So I been working on my new project NUDΞ SPACΞ, and decided I needed a new ABC font. So as with all my Fonts, I decided to share with you, and hope you all like it. And also, you're all welcome to come visit NUDΞ SPACΞ
  7. Version 09112020


    So I was roaming 3DX Chat venues, when i bumped into @CENSORED who was the 2nd person to download Alexa's ABC SPACΞ my last font. We got chatting, he suggested this NEON font that he wished was available. Even gave me a sample picture of the font in question. The font is made with 2 layers.... the Inner Layer is the Glow Effect. the Outer Layer is the Blur Glass... For this reason, I would recommend beginners just change the font colour.... Advanced users, just be careful with textures
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Sci Fi Font - enjoy - If you enjoy our work here please give us your opinion via the 5 star rating system and some feedback, it helps us know if we are on track with your needs and likes! Thanks – Dallas -
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Script Font 1 - enjoy - If you enjoy our work here please give us your opinion via the 5 star rating system and some feedback, it helps us know if we are on track with your needs and likes! Thanks – Dallas -
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Broadway font for use - enjoy - If you enjoy our work here please give us your opinion via the 5 star rating system and some feedback, it helps us know if we are on track with your needs and likes! Thanks – Dallas -
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