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  1. Brenda and I 🥰 a beautiful friendship .. almost 1 years already 🤗🤗💋 I can't forget you my little heart ❤️ you are so important to me 🤗 i love you very much 😍🤗💋💋
  2. Little Synchro on an effeminate dance at the Rick Club with our very pretty Rick dancing wonderfully 🙂 doesn't she look like a real little woman? 😍😂

  3. Hello, Since you do not respond on the 3DX forums I allow myself to write to you here ... I am also on another "game", if I tell you that it is because on this "game" and others apparently it is possible for us to add our own photos in a nourmal way and not obligatorily by modifying them in 3D ... A lot of "gamers" want to put their photos as smooth images on the walls and of course me too ... Don't tell me normal photos are heavier than 3D edited photos, I tried your program and it's impossible, 3D photos are 10X heavier than normal photos ... Don't tell me about copyright either, a l
  4. Opening of The Monastere Discothèque