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  1. Version 1.0.0


    When i did this. i was thinking a window, but it also might look good on the lattice of a gazebo or something like that .. IDK was just goofing around
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I love coffee tables personally, this one resulted from the last build
  3. Version 1.0.0


    who needs a sex room when you have a deck? This is my first build in a long time . Thanks to the ones previous who built certain aspects of this. I have a couple custom pieces in there, and the deck is mine. If its liked I might release the deck by itself. hopefully you enjoy. I learned a lot on this one and anticipate more soon. id you see anything I missed ! don't be afraid to let me know
  4. I could imagine,I thank you ffor the tip!! I will make those spots bigger when I go back to that one at some point. was just farting around , haven't decided what it should be yet.... Lol
  5. First custom piece  of furniture built,   getting so close to finishing, ainwas so exited about the build I almost forgot to add sex stuff--  woops! 🙂 With any  luck we will all see it tonight  🙂

  6. Are there any other sources for textures to color the objects with?
  7. It's free, simple to use and extremely powerfull! Has many options of it's paid competitors, but free
  8. Alrightso I know this isnt anything at all ... but its the first ground up ive ever been able to doo thanks to DALLAS , mine has been broken since I got this game a while ago. DAllAS had it pegged from the beginning] r figured out what the issue was .. So excited .. TAHNK! yes that build is miscall ..... BUT IT CAN BUILD YOU SO MUCH MAN !!!
  9. Just some MAXIN AND RELAXING !
  10. Sharing a little bit of fun ;)
  11. There's a meeting ?🤦‍♂️ Damnit, I just left one of those! this already y Sounds da too much like work! JK just let me know when. I look forward to it 😏
  12. What's on the your mind for the podcast? Anything specific.? I also have know how and capabilities for audio editing. like making comercialls., shows
  13. What's on the llyour mind for the podcast? Anything specific.? I also have know how and capabilities for audio editing. like making comercialls., shows ....sound blips...etc
  14. Yeah,I think so. I use a Rhode studio mic and a Peavey studuo mic through my audio interface, and I can host guest, take call in....etc
  15. I us d to do o a few podcast In the past, (NSFW), hosted some online radio programs and I also do voice over work that is more on the erotic side. I'm told my voice is nice. I am the sales manager at where I work aswell. I f I can do anything to help do r be afraid to ask I can send you samples of all worked mentionedl, if you would like