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  1. Hey Demi, welcome to Xtreme!
    you rocked this build, the ceiling detail and beer taps, superb
    Completely over the top Mooon wow proving your one of the best in the biz - executed brilliantly -
    Beautiful art - well done!
  2. In response to your talent, I was suggesting using your programming talents to perhaps submit some of the improvements that you were able to create in your previous game. I know zero regarding coding, but perhaps you can provide, for approval, some of your ideas regarding scripts that will give builders the ability to do some of this functionality. The forum, I can only speculate, but I imagine that they are trying to prevent some of the recent attacks by hackers to bring the servers down by DDOS attacks. But that is only my perspective. with this said, welcome to xtreme and 3dx, we
  3. i have been at 3dx for 7 years now and throughout this time, the developers have always been pretty tight lipped with the source code for the game. They only recently have allowed outside people submit poses, clothing and other things for approval before they introduce it in the next revision. There have been "mods" in the past that were tolerated because it allowed them time do other things while the players played with the options then available in the mod. This was all restricted a couple of years ago now when we transitioned to 64bit and any "mod" that is used that does not have
  4. Dallas

    Maelstrom Club Build

    This is a custom build for a friend of mine, Lucian Ward. He has exclusive rights to this club. Keep an eye out, he is an awesome DJ. Copyright 2021 - Dallas -
    These creative tools really make building so much more enjoyable, excellent work Jukio!
  5. This is probably a bug in the object file but it will be our lil secret until we get more textures that don't have pass through blocking built in.
  6. 3 step process, pretty cut and dry... 1) Create a curtain and resize to what you need the opening to be 2) Flatten the curtain using the Scaling Gizmo 3) Add whatever texture you want to the modified curtain and use it as a fake wall or walk through doorway thats it, just blend it into whatever surface you want, limitations being it has to be a flat surface.... -proof you can teach an ole dog new tricks -
  7. OK, Got it, tutorial to follow shortly
  8. interesting, I really never had a call to do something like this so I will figure out how they did it and let you know
  9. Hey Kody, No unfortunately the list of materials that you can do this with is somewhat limited at this time. The closest you can come is to make several copies of an object (a flat square the size of the entrance typically) layered using the water to make a curtain, colored dark, to give a "solid" appearance. This sort of works well for a hidden entrance behind a waterfall but thats about it. If anyone out there has had success using another technique, we would love to hear about it
    This is very clever and innovative, nicely combined with other fonts! well done Jukio!