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  1. Progress update and some show and tell pics. Have the basics of the Music Room complete. The glass waterfall turned out awesome, as did the spiral staircases. Still work to be done on the staircases, but getting there.
  2. MrsMarieSexy

    Tony Stark Mansion

    Here are pics of the Tony Stark Mansion. This will be a slow process.
  3. Hi Folks, Progress report/show and tell here. After accidentally copying over my working file, I had to redo a backup file to what you see here. This is now backed up in 2 other places, so I will not do that again. The garage is pretty much completed, outside of the stairs going up to the main level. I have the living room about halfway or so done. These complex curved ceilings, and making them blend correctly, mercy!!! The white roof is on top of the living room, but it isn't pretty.
  4. This is gorgeous, Dallas!!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!!
  5. Hi Benken,

    I am MrsMarieSexy, a Moderator on the Forum. If you would, please correct your birthday to your actual birthday.

    Thank you,


  6. Y'all come on out for an awesome time at Boots N Bourbon. Everyone is invited!!! Hosted by MacyD. Good Country music provided by several DJ's. Opens at 7pm CDT.
  7. It is quite the challenge, between being built on the side of a cliff, and there are few things square, at least on the house anyways.
  8. Yes, I had put it in there. CountryRebel has not said if it will be a regular thing, but I will check with and let you know.
  9. Morning folks, Here is my start on the Stark Mansion. Scaling will be a royal pain, but I'll do the best I can. Hugs, Marie
  10. until
    All are invited to the Grand Opening of the Grand Ole Opry, hosted by CountryRebel starting at 3pm EDT until whenever.
  11. All are invited to the Grand Opening of the Grand Ole Opry, hosted by CountryRebel. Hope to see you there. Opens at 3pm EDT until whenever......
  12. From what I can gather, like Johnny said, the house is a 3D model, and i have yet to find any blueprints of the home. Having the garage plans is a help and a start, but getting a sense of scale is difficult because of all the complex shapes being used, but that being said......I am gonna give this a shot. This will not be fast at all, and if anyone else has started this, there is no reason for other to duplicate unless one wishes to. Marie
  13. There are blue prints for the garage only, the rest are pictures and artists renderings.
  14. MrsMarieSexy

    Grand Ole Opry

    Pics of an upcoming room I am collaborating on. The room belongs to CountryRebel. He did the work on the Auditorium, the seating, stage, barn and the building design. He asked me to help complete it.
    Totally Awesome, Dallas!!! A gorgeous home!!!