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  1. woww, it works like a charm. tysm. hugsssssss!
  2. using this way, we can make a circle ring similar to a time machine or teleporter and we can just walk through it like ur coming out of the time machine. lol. If u see what I mean.
  3. awww tysm, I just visited another world called [VCRP] Central District 2.0.3, the toilet has wooden door but it won't open like a door, u just walk through it.
  4. I happened to visit a shared user world few days ago but I forgot the name of the world. Basically the world is divided into many smaller rooms and partitioned by brick walls, There are no visual entrance as viewed outside from the corridor as the rooms are totally surrounded by brick walls. However there are hidden entrance in each room, you can just keep bumping into the walls until u can pass through it. Actually you can use F5 to locate the entrance as they made the entrance wall thinner than the other walls. The hidden entrances are nothing like door and it doesn't look like they are usin
  5. Hey Dallas, sorry to reopen an old post, what if I need a texture that are visually solid like a brick wall? Is there a way to do that?