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  1. Am I allowed to add your V-Vibe font into my text editor?




    1. BlueMooon


      Absolutely!!  Thanks for askin 😉

  2. 13 downloads

    Original Font was made By VanilleDouce I tryed to give the letters some depth and that is the result! There are still errors in alignment and rotation ... it's just very time-consuming Hope you like it... HAVE FUN🤩 JUKIO
  3. 12 downloads

    - This is the OUTLINE font from Alexa Darkness with InlineFrame - Double Spot effect - 4 sizes HAVE FUN 😄 JUKIO
    You are the best known type artist at 3dx ... and I am honored to be able to use your fonts in my editor!!!! 🤗
  4. Version V1005-2021Full


    JUST UN-RAR UPDATE IN YOUR JNT-Folder FONTS - Alexas Curved font - Alexas Highlight font - Alexas ABC font - Celine Flights font - VanilleDouces Gothic font - BlueMoons Iron font - Rootys Melting Point font - Alexas Space font - Alexas Outline font - Alexas H Stripes font - Alexas Shatter font - KittySandras Neon font - Amairas Soda font V2 - Amairas Kyberfunk font - Alexas Nude Club font - Sluts font - Nice Katis+New font - BlueMoons V-Vibe font - Changes of your SETTINGS are n
  5. 4 downloads

    Just a test for a new JNT-Editor Add-in
  6. 7 downloads

    The Neon font is made by KittySandra and the FireBubbles by Anna Parker! I put both together in my editor and that is the result after a couple of tests. If you like it tell me and i make a add-in for my editor 😉 HAVE FUN JUKIO
    Your fonts are really impressive and i like your new font very much too, i have already added it to my editor! 😉 Jukio
  7. Version JNT - EDITOR V2.1b+VID


    New design and better user interface. It would be nice if you gave me some feedback. The new ABC Shatter font from Alexa´s is included. HAVE FUN 😉 JUKIO