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  1. Brendalynnette


    Some of my photos from the exotic erotic album.
    I like all your stuff. I have a backlog of likes to click for you lol
  2. OMG Thank you for the winning day!!!

  3. That is a great profile picture

  4. When my head comes out of the clouds and out of the studio I'll be able to make some words of thanks and appreciation. I'm somebody's designer. What a day it has been, what a great great day. I've got a bit of work to do finishing up these logos and for a purpose that makes it very much my labor of love. Thank you thank you! Back to the studio.....

  5. I won the day, thank you!!!😀

  6. Thank you Magnus! I'd love to work on something you'd like to produce. Models working with me understand the process and I take our time in the studio in front of the camera. It can run long. This shot took about 6 hours from inspiration, moving lights, focal length, and pose (she was animated too.) I wanted to capture an uncanny look of something looking back through an avi's eyes.
  7. Time is constant, distance is relative, physical is subjective, touch is cellular. A little experiment to demonstrate. Place an empty cup in front of you, no matter glass metal or plastic. Fill with water, then drink. If you've done that, then I have effectively transcended time and space to influence your environment just as if I were there, a belief of mutuality is at least required. I cannot move inanimate objects with my mind but if I make your cells move to accomplish the same task then, telekinesis applied whether or not observed. Beyond physical being, energy between is the first c
    OMG Such a great place to wander around and get lost for a while! Ok, it's my new home now. I'll be spending a lot of time looking at all of the details, great job Llavia!
  8. Thank you so much for your review and looking at those 🙂 No rendering or photoshop, only Windows Paint (or similar) to adjust brightness since that gets squashed on computer pictures. I might burn and dodge or remove color or contrast and washout for dreamy looking shots or to make an impression. All of my work are screenshots with the camera at my studio in 3DX. The rendering is realtime with four (4) GPUs heating up a lot of water and many watthours. Bloom, spectral, and shading are all manually reproduced by moving position and lighting so I can make a true photograph. Hours are s
  9. Thank you Dallas 🙂