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  1. "its kind of fun doing the impossible" - Walt Disney 😀
  2. with all the building stuff of late, Bridge on the River Kwai lmao
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Tombstones for Halloween Decoration - enjoy -
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Pumpkins for Halloween decorations - enjoy - Dallas can be resized using shift plus scale gizmo
  5. Hey Dallas,

    I'm Shelby, proud builder of OASIS BAY and CANYON BAY.

    I wanted to ask about the sun/moon reflection that is a complete PAIN IN THE ASS when using a glass dance floor.  (See pic of Canyon Club dance floor attached)  Even when in an enclosed room the reflection still appears on the floor.  The only way I have found to fix this is to blur the glass (which ruins the effect of some of my builds) or put a stormy sky on.   Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

    2020-10-13 10-35-26_95218.png

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    2. Dallas


      I am going to try some things and see what can be done if anything, Shelby, your clubs are amazing.

      Please see my response in your mail,



    3. xOxShelbyxOx


      You're very kind, thank you.  And thanks so much for helping me with this issue!!!

    4. XtremeAdmin


      I agree with @Dallas -- The clubs created by Shelby are pretty visionary. Level of detail, lighting, placement of objects, and more.  When I saw the wedding room she did prior to the wedding of the Taquilias it was pretty elegant.  I told her I hope she designed the room for herself, because I am sure more couples would enjoy seeing this build of hers.  We look forward to seeing more creative works from you Shelby 🙂  have a good one!

  6. Oh I understand now, thank you for your response!
  7. Please watch the basics series the HUD part 1 thru 5 tutorials, I go over every tool and gizmo in the World editor.
  8. need to get more information on the "mirroring" you speak of, can you clarify. are you speaking of just duplicating objects or groups and flipping one using local/pivot?
  9. I lined out the subjects that I have covered in the 9 training videos just released in the Video section, I will address the others on your list and other requestors in upcoming videos this week - thanks for the suggestions! Dallas
  10. I have just completed 9 tutorials on world editing, please feel free to look at them in the Video section under World Editor Videos
  11. In this tutorial we will; Produce a multiple piece object, Show you how to group and ungroup this object, And finally resize the grouped object.
  12. In this tutorial we will discuss issues with entrances, doorways, ceilings, and overhangs.
  13. In this tutorial we will discuss how to Properly align and install stairs for smooth operation.
  14. In this tutorial we will cover: How to download an object from our download section How to properly merge this object How to save your modified world.
  15. In this tutorial we will cover: Snapping Tools (Magnets) Snap Step Snap Angle Gizmo Sizing Tool