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  1. Kyarra

    Kyarra's Xtreme photos

    Random photos to share with Xtreme 3dxers.
  2. Kyarra

    Xtreme Parties with Friends

    All pics from various events not hosted in my clubs. Good friends, good tunes, good times.
  3. All pics from my sunflower build - Kinky Petals
  4. New builder, learning new tricks. I have encountered on multiple occasions with certain shapes you get a massive invisible box that you fly high on. It was mentioned to me that there is a way to fix this. Help a budding builder out and teach me your mastery ways pretty please.
    This is an adorable addition to my Sunflower Club, thanks for sharing Dallas. Always beautiful work!
  5. Kyarra

    Kinky Kove

    pics taken at Kinky Kove club
  6. Finding a center balance before winning the round.
  7. Thank you Ccan for putting walls on the 3D board so we don't have to worry about falling off anymore. Beautiful job!