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    Here's our next Comic Con poster for all you collectors! We only do these 3 or 4 times a year so don't miss out!
  3. The HellHole Club opening night: 2nd January 6pm EST (was an amazing venue. I love fire and fire everywhere lol. Alot of amazing live DJs that played great sets. Also a fun way to play in hell lol Down under was alot of bdsm toys and poor Dee was estactic lol well i have to say i definitely checked it out myself lol.Here are some great spics of everyone dancing and jsut having a great ime! Oh and a dance platform on the beam specially made ..thanks Gummy!!!!!
  4. Hiya! Been asked to come say hi re dancing 🙂

    1. AlphaWulf


      Hey Jerri 

      yes i believe we reached out before and still would ne glad to talk to you about 🙂

      Let me know if still interested hers my discord     AlphaWulf (Wulf Pack)#7524

  5. Back on tour again I went into this venue because the name - The Sink,, Well definitely a fun venue inside a sink with running water and definitely dishes in the sink !!!!!!! Great Music by ALTEREDego... I had fun F5ing this venue and sucj a different one at that..
  6. I love that thank you 

    i shared it 


  8. A few friends asked to come to see this under water build. i have to say i was fascinated! Mamy built her club in and under water like way!!!! Great people and DJ. I had fun with this new concept F5ing everywhere lol
  9. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Xmas Kirby - Gift from Altitude by RobFrostwalker
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    A Safe Haven Christmas Event with the Dream Girls