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3DX-World Editor struggles with the water levels! In order to get the room going, load it in the world editor, navigate to the "settings"-tab and set the water level to 0, then set it to -50 and then save the room TWICE. Annoying, yes, but the only current way to fix the bug. It will occur on every room with changed water levels.

Warning - Heavy room with 10 MB + Filesize. May take a bit to load. When lagging, and you run a Nvidia graphiccard, navigate to Nvidia Control Panel --> 3D Settings --> Program Settings  --> Select "3DXChat" in the menu and save. No more customization needed. This will toggle GPU support for 3DX, because your CPU will usually manage everything. If still lagging, set shadows to "Medium" ingame. 

Sidenote: There is a radio hidden behind the tree at the hotspring.


Hello there, people of 3DXtreme!

With this post, I'd like to present you my largest, and first project I've started on 3DX-Chat. Throughout the time, it grew into a passion creating natural, detailed rooms that deliever a mysterious, if not magical, ambience. This is Llavi's Clearing (or The Prismarine Forest) - a large room with many different areas to explore, quests to do, , eastereggs to find and roleplays to make. Wander through the shades of the forest, the depths of the cave, pass by the dangerous swamp and finally find rest at the treehouse or the mansion. Loot hidden chests which are spread all throughout the room, find secret passages which have been long forgotten and become a true adventurer by finding all of the 7 hidden Nirnroots inside the room! Do you think you can do it? We'll see about that. Prepare for a long adventure with or without your friends, as you dive into the forest. Grab your health potions, ready your lockpicks and unravel the secrets of the Clearing!


FAQ me!

Question: Hey Llavi! Now for real, how long have you been working on this room in total?

Answer: Yes.


Question: How the heck did you build all this?

Answer: Totally random. Had nothing planned out, just build what I felt was right.


Question: I cannot get this room to work! 😞

Answer: Please read the "Important Notes" - section on top of this paragraph.


Question: Do you have any tipps and tricks for me, a beginner with the world editor?

Answer: Sure! First of all, learn how to use the Coordination Chart. You know, the X,Y,Z-Button in your hotbar. It'll be your best friend. If you decided to build something big, you might want to create a second Avatar for building. Do all the details with the other Avatar and merge your objects into the main world you have on your main character. And last but not least, try taking a look at the 3DX-Building Manuel. Yeah, sucks, but really explains a lot!


Question: How did those people on the gravestones got their shoutout? Can I have one, too?

Answer: Most likely not. The gravestones are a token of appreciation to very important people that supported me and my work through the time. Most of the times mentally, Dallas for example in physical form by providing the font that made it possible to create those stones.


Question: Is everything in that room original?

Answer: No, it is not. Dallas provided the clean font on the gravestones to write down the cause of death. Aside from that, everything is self-made, tho.


Question: You look so sexy, I want to **** you ingame!

Answer: Get lost, you disgusting piece of yankee-dankee-doodle shite.


Question: What are your further plans for the room?

Answer: Glad that you asked! First of all, I want to add interiors to the mansion and the ruin, then I'd like to decorate the area around the mansion, including the graveyard, and moreover, I want some waysigns decently distributed inside the room. As a finishing touch, the currently collapsed path inside the cave area will lead to a lost draugr-tomb in later builds.


Question: What does that version-code stand for?

Answer: First number indicates the final stage of the build. 0 is "in progress/beta", 1 is "finished", and possibly 2, means "reworked". The second number stands for the current beta-stage, going from 1 to 9. Finally, the letter at the end will tell you about the number of bugfixes and small additions made to the room. Reaches from A to Z.


Question: Any plans when your room is done?

Answer: Of course I do! As a sideproject, I'm rebuilding the city of Solitude in 3DX-Chat, and I also plan on recreating a few maps of the game "Dead by Daylight". But I plan to make this last one a community-project.


Update 0.8.f - Fixes Fixes Fixes! Patchnotes:

- Fixed a bug where your screen would flicker like crazy inside the treehouse

- Fixed a bug where you would be stuck inside the cave at several places

- Improved all the wooden staircases (except inside the mansion) for easier navigation

- some additional Gravestones!

- More flora added to the world

- new furniture for the mansion (still needs lots of stuff, tho)

- fixed a bug which would cause you to crash when entering to top-tower of the mansion

- reduced the number of steam-elements used for the waterfalls to improve performance

- more poses added

Edited by Llavia
Update to 0.8.f

What's New in Version 0.8.f   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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OMG Such a great place to wander around and get lost for a while! Ok, it's my new home now. I'll be spending a lot of time looking at all of the details, great job Llavia!

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This is insane Llvia, I love the details, the different areas to relax in, this is a world class build - so well done -

Response from the author:

Found your memento in the room already? 😄

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