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    Das habe ich aus der damaligen Wohnbox gemacht. Wie ihr seht etwas aufgepeppt mit den neuen Baumöglichkeiten,zu sehen sind noch, bzw. eine Brücke aus dem Glastisch oder auf der Bühne die Türme aus den runden Tischen gebaut I made that out of the living box at the time. As you can see something spiced up with the new building options, you can still see or a bridge from the glass table or the towers built from the round tables on the stage😊
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    Will be a fun time for all I am sure, great line up of DJs and Dance Teams, including myself! Can't wait!
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    Catch your favorite DJs and dance teams in this 3 day event. Yours truly, ♡DJ Kyarra♡ will be live 03:00 - 05:00 CET (9pm-11pmEST) Saturday Jan 30th. Come join us at Room Sparta by Mamen.
  10. Version 19102019


    With more & more people using my fonts, I have decided to show & of course share what I have done, to make my font better. So the end result is Highlights... a 3 layered font that allow more than 1 texture in the font, to make it stand out more. So remember when using this Font there are 3 separate layers, which will appear as separate objects, … so add your desired texture to each layer. Even though I created font with 3 layers, you could for example use just 2 layers, as shown in the Red White & Green ABC where I used just the front & middle layers... So here y
  11. Version 09122019


    Here you go, another font for you all to enjoy... Although I called the Font Outlines... I thought I would share a window design for my new NUDΞ CLUB venue...yes, I used the insides of the letters to form windows... filling out the outsides of the letters to form walls... So like my previous Highlights Font, this font can be used in more than just one way... for example doors or windows
  12. Version 11012020


    So have you ever wanted to a fancy flashing sign in 3DX Chat that flicker multiple messages in the same spot.. or simply flashing the same word in different colours of your choice.... Well now you can. For the perfect setup, here are a few simple steps to follow. In settings, set the Snap Step to 0.1 Enable the Snap Tools Spell your first word/message, and Group Spell your second word/message, and Group Apply different flash effects to each Group Select your second word/message and drop down 1 step and align so that its between the first word/me
  13. Version 08052020


    So I had this last night for a funky looking font... So allow me introduce you to my ABC Curves font. It's scalable, just not stretchable (need to work on that). File size, this is probably one of smallest around, plus when I tried the basic distance test, you could still read (yes that is me standing underneath)
  14. Version 06112020


    So I been working on my new project NUDΞ SPACΞ, and decided I needed a new ABC font. So as with all my Fonts, I decided to share with you, and hope you all like it. And also, you're all welcome to come visit NUDΞ SPACΞ
  15. Version 1.0.0

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    let me know about this place it's unique and different the space is empty as i didnt know what else to do with it but feel free to do whatever with this palce
    Probably one of the most innovative and just plain cool fonts I have seen in game. WELL DONE!
  16. Version 16012021


    You know me, always designing new ABC fonts. Maybe that is because I love to experiment in 3D, so much so, that the Prime Directive image below, I actually design a few years ago... and wanted to reproduce something similar for 3DX Chat... So here you go, this is for everyone who loves to use my ABC fonts
  17. So with some encouragement from @AlphaWulfI have decided to design a Shattered ABC Font. Currently I have reach the letter G For those of you who use my ABC Fonts, I am using my NUDE CLUB font has a template to make the new font.
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    55 hrs of good music 28 DJs and various dance groups
  19. I haven't even finished this yet, and I already got a few people saying they want to use it.
  20. Hey hey everyone! ViBRATiONS is looking for Friday night DJs and greeters! Times start at 7pm EST and go till 11pm. All sets are 1 to 2 hours (you pick). Play Pop or Rock music. Greeter will use the /me tag and greet everyone that comes in with a warm welcome 🙂
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    Open every Friday, Vibrations is your place for the best Pop and Rock music mostly in the 80s and 90s. We may toss in some oldies from the 50-70s or even a .. or rap song!! You NEVER know what to expect! We love to have fun and laugh!! Be ready for a great night!
  22. I added the image to my gallery but it looks a bit garbled....
  23. Version 1.0.0

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    Artwork for your home – some are still a little heavy but some are “done by hand” so they will cause no lag what so ever, review file size to determine if you will get any lag on your system or build. -enjoy Dallas-
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Artwork for your home – some are still a little heavy but some are “done by hand” so they will cause no lag what so ever, review file size to determine if you will get any lag on your system or build. -enjoy Dallas- WARNING, THIS IS A HEAVY FILE AND SHOULD BE LOCATED IN AN AREA THAT WILL PREVENT LAG
  25. New opening BRIGHT FLOU PARTY fun with the gorgeous Bare Bunnyes buzzword fun
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