The Original Apartment at 3dx - circa 2013-14 1.0.0

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This is a recreation based off old pictures and memory of the apartment members were given when they joined that game, there were 2 actually, I haven't decided whether I will build the second, it was basically a box, windows and a door lol.

So its a chance for the veteran players to go back in time and for the new players to see how far 3dx has come

- enjoy -


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Das habe ich aus der damaligen Wohnbox gemacht. Wie ihr seht etwas aufgepeppt mit den neuen Baumöglichkeiten,zu sehen sind noch, bzw. eine Brücke aus dem Glastisch oder auf der Bühne die Türme aus den runden Tischen gebaut

I made that out of the living box at the time. As you can see something spiced up with the new building options, you can still see or a bridge from the glass table or the towers built from the round tables on the stage😊


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Giggles Did you make it difficult to get over the railing to the hill side going down to the beach 😛 

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