Alexa's ABC STRIPΞ 11012020

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So have you ever wanted to a fancy flashing sign in 3DX Chat that flicker multiple messages in the same spot.. or simply flashing the same word in different colours of your choice.... Well now you can.

For the perfect setup, here are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. In settings, set the Snap Step to 0.1
  2. Enable the Snap Tools
  3. Spell your first word/message, and Group
  4. Spell your second word/message, and Group
  5. Apply different flash effects to each Group
  6. Select your second word/message and drop down 1 step and align so that its between the first word/message
  7. Now you are set. All you need to do now, is select both Groups, reduce to your desired size & put in place.

Of course even on its own, its still a cool font to use as a sign... so either way, I hope you all enjoy


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